The best thing about NXT is watching promising, talented individuals work so hard on developing their moves and persona until the higher ups in the company feel they are ready to move to the main roster. The members of The Wyatt family which consist of Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan have certainly perfected it to a T, rising in popularity on NXT and now, onto Monday Night Raw, Main Event, and Friday Night Smackdown.

When my husband and I went to our very first Smackdown show earlier this year as part of "The Road to Wrestlemania" tour, the pre-show that was held before Saturday Morning Slam, Main Event, and Smackdown featured Bray Wyatt vs. Ted DiBiase, Jr.  This was the first time my husband and I had ever seen Bray Wyatt, since we hadn't begun watching NXT at that point in time yet (it was after this show that we did).  I thought Bray Wyatt's character, upon seeing him for the first time, was different and in a very good way.  He was definitely unique and an individual, separating himself from anyone else who had entered the locker room before, currently and after him.  It wasn't until he began singing "Time Is On My Side" that I thought "Oh, I really like him" since I thought it was creepy when Elias Koteas sung that song in the 1998 thriller "Fallen".  Bray lost the match against Ted DiBiase, Jr., but he sure did make an everlasting impression on myself and my husband.

Unbeknownst to us, it was The Wyatt Family's last match on NXT.  Luke Harper and Erick Rowan faced - and quickly defeated - Aiden English and Mickey Keegan.  Bray then stepped in the ring to give his final, memorable speech:

"There are several different types of men in this world.  There are men who dream and never make it off the couch.  There are men who dream and fail.  And then, there are men who dream and change the landscape of this world.  People like Bray Wyatt.  What about you, man?  That's what I want to know.  Aren't you tired of feeling unwanted?  Aren't you tired of feeling like an outcast and being stepped upon?  Well then today is your day because today is the day Bray Wyatt decided he was going to change everything.  Today is the day Hell froze.  Today is the day that pigs fly.  Today, me and my people look at fear right in the eye and said 'Mr. Fear, Sir, you are a liar'.  Today, I want you to go and I want you to tell all these so-called world leaders that they better heed my warning.  Take notice to Bray Wyatt because today is the day that Bray Wyatt decided to bring down the machine.  Today, we say goodbye to NXT...for now, but if you need me, I ain't hard to find.  All you gotta do is go look up in the sky and follow the buzzards.  Oh, oh, wait, one more thing: 'Time is on my side'."

I couldn't have thought of a better speech or way for The Wyatt Family to exit NXT.  They have certainly left their mark there, and now, it's time to do the same in front of a larger audience on a bigger stage.  I can't wait to see how it all unfolds as being apart of the main roster, but I can certainly tell you this, I know they will be successful in recruiting more members to the Family who will aid them in bringing down the machine. 

Time is on their side, yes it is.



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